WHO IS STANDUP DIVA Quirine Melssen?

Quirine Melssen is…

Quirine Melssen is a vibrant soprano who enjoys a unique position within the Dutch music scene because of her whimsical approach.

Combining humour and absurdism, she encourages interaction with her audience and, above all, offers the combination of acting and a classically schooled voice. She gives new form to classical pieces. 

As a standup diva she talks and sings with and for her audience!

So you still crave that cultural lifestyle of opera, standup and performance art? Well, welcome to the world of Quirine Melssen and the new original work of standup opera – WHAT THE GLUCK!.

A show that fulfills all your needs in one!

Yes, you heard it right, WHAT THE GLUCK is a fresh work from established artist and Quirine Melssen. It is a combination of opera AND standup comedy which turns the standup opera WHAT THE GLUCK into an extraordinary and unique performance.

WHAT THE GLUCK is an entirely English production (there is a Dutch version as well) and is coming to a club, company, conference or school near you soon.

How lucky you are!

You can also book the STANDUP DIVA for special occasions like an opening for a conference or meeting or a presentation-training.