Because my Italian roots are intertwined with my Dutch origins, temperament and innovation come together in my performances. I like to come up with new concepts where the audience gets engaged with a new experience and something actually happens to them when they are in the room. I believe in the power of emotion. If people get really moved or laugh together, they are vulnerable, open and accessible and better able to connect themselves to someone else at a deeper level.

“Opening people and making the world a better place by opening myself up”.


I coach public speakers so that their presentation becomes inspiring and lively. This gives their story a longer lasting impact with their audience. In addition to voice, breath, attitude, expression, emotion and making contact with the audience are ingredients. I also investigate your motivations so that your story gets multiple layers. Why do you do what you do? If your pitch contains that layer, your story will become even stronger and inspire others at a deeper level. My strength lies in the personal approach that allows me to quickly reach the core of someone’s learning goal. I like to teach people to shine as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

I also help start-ups and companies with their concept development. I have created a method for this. It consists of four steps: defining specific talents,discovering the deeper motives, formulating of a philosophy and subsequently coming up with a vision.