Bruiloft der zeven zigeuners

‘De Bruiloft der zeven zigeuners’ is the title of the new musical narration by singer/actrice/theatermaker Quirine Melssen. Based on the novel from 1939 by A. den Doolaard, this impressive performance tells the moving story of photographer Branko Markovic.

After a number of failed affairs Branko stops believing in love. He drowns his sorrow in the bars of Belgrade. After many wanderings he meets Doesjka.

On the eve of their marriage seven gypsies are invited. The gypsies know Branko: they play music that reminds him of all the women he was involved with before Doesjka. Branko starts to doubt whether he is worthy of Doesjka…

The book by A. den Doolaard includes a number of songs. During the narration these are performed by Quirine Melssen and her company: accordionist Peter van Os and guitarist Willem Brink. Stagemanager: Daniel van Klaveren. Scenery: Tijn Noordenbos.

Commissioned by the ‘Gypsyfestival’ Quirine Melssen wrote the text. The premiere took place May 25th of 2011 in Tilburg. In 2013 they performed the play in Belgrado. In 2013 the CD with songs from the performance ‘De bruiloft der zeven zigeuners’ was released.

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