What really matters to you?

What do you long for?

What should music do to you?

It’s getting clearer and clearer to me that music and theatre, in fact everything I do, is about ‘giving’.
And by that I most of all mean giving yourself: opening up, seeking contact and serving others.

REVEAL is a Connection Concert that contains 12 ballads in English. This crossover brings two different musical worlds together: classical music and light music. This is a musical metaphor for connection. I hope the songs will not only bring your and my worlds together, but also yours and other people’s.

Music is so powerful and healing. I want to use this power to create gentleness. I want to use this power to create gentleness. I believe we need this transformation right now, so we can again think of humanity as one – one with each other, and with nature.

If your deeper motives and purpose are revealed, you make a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Then ‘having’ and ‘taking’ make way for ‘being’ and ‘giving’.

I use these songs to open myself up by singing and telling about my innermost feelings. So you can use me literally as a sounding-board. Ultimately I hope to comfort you and perhaps make you think differently, so that I can give you something of lasting value.


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